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Silver Greek Charms

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Silver Honor Cuffs

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Sterling Silver Pens
Handcrafted in Bali

Lucy Ann Large Circle Charm

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Lucy Ann Large Heart Girl charm
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Lucy Ann

First you will find the marvelous Lucy Ann baby charms and child charms for yourself or your loved ones. Each piece is custom made with the personalization you choose. You can put one name on the front, plus a date or another name on the back!

Select among the designs to create your own charming keepsake or a gift for a mother or grandmother.
Lucy Ann sterling silver jewelry for mothers
Lucy Ann sterling silver jewelry for grandmothers
Lucy Ann sterling silver moneyclips and keyrings for fathers
Lucy Ann sterling silver baby spoons.

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Patty Walker sterling silver jewelry
Patty Walker
Next you can see the wonderful hand-made silver jewelry by Patty Walker. Patty creates fascinating jewelry in silver with semi-precious beads and silver beads from Bali. Her jewelry is found exclusively at Silver Sweetheart. Handcrafted sterling silver jewelry by Patty Walker
sterling silver heart braceletsterling silver ring bracelet

Otis Pendant Pens
Sterling Silver Pens
Then for an elegant gift, you will appreciate the sterling silver pens from Otis. Hand-crafted by silver jewelry artists in Bali, no two pens are exactly the same.

These sterling silver pens are perfect for use with a wedding guest book, giving to members of the wedding party, signing a birth certificate, giving to anyone who loves fine things, or simply experiencing the pleasure of a beautiful writing instrument.

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